My ultimate dream for Mother's Nature is that my services will be primarily barter-based only. I am currently offering FREE online education and support. There are still some products for sale that do require USD currency but, as far as the services I offer to people, I prefer methods of bartering. I have created a "Barter Menu" of items currently wanted & accepted. 

The passion behind this vision is that I am blessed to do what I love for a living. My soul is fulfilled by my work in healing. I do it through so many ways - Nursing, Lactation Support, Reiki, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Health Consultation, Distant Healing, Infant Massage and Education to name some. My ability as a Psychic Medium and Empath only intensifies the meaningful connections I make with others through my work. 

In order for me to provide the most healing to the most people, I feel its important to make the services obtainable somehow to all. Bartering allows people of all economic backgrounds to offer something  that is wanted and needed while getting the services they want and need. How awesome is that? More and more enlightened countries and islands around the world are participating in barter currency. However, this system is not nearly as complicated! It is simply my way of offering an alternative to the traditional forms of payment while empowering other people to share what they have to offer. If you have any questions or a barter you wish to offer that isn't on the menu, just contact me!