Reiki Sessions including Chakra Clearing & Balancing:

(12 years old & up)

In these sessions you will remain fully clothed and rest peacefully face up on a massage table or sitting comfortably in a chair - you choose. Soft meditative music will be playing and essential oils specific to your needs will be used unless you prefer not to have them. Although I prefer a hands on technique, Reiki does not need physical touch at all. If you prefer, I can remain close, but not touching, staying approximately 2-4 inches above your body while remaining in your aura field. 
A diagnostic scan is performed before the Reiki healing begins to identify the areas that require the most focused healing at that time, although all areas receive Reiki. It can be emotionally intense due to the release of energy but it is completely safe to do so in my care. Chakra clearing and balancing as well as negative cord "cutting" or removal is included in each and every Reiki session, however, no more than 2-3 chakras will be intensely worked on as it is typically too much at one time for the human self to take on. Typically, 1-3 sessions is ideal for complete balancing with continued Reiki treatments after that to maintain the healthy state of energetic balance and remove new negative cords.
It is always great to set the intention prior to the beginning of the session meaning, what do you wish to gain from Reiki? We can then focus on this intention for the utmost healing and for the higher good for yourself and the Universe. 
  • 30 minutes $44

  • 60 minutes $77

  • 90 minutes $122

Reiki & Massage Sessions:

In these sessions, massage infused with Divine Reiki energy is performed. So many of our emotional states and energy are stored in our muscles creating a physical manifestation typically equating to pain and ailments such as headaches, fatigue, soreness and trigger points. Through the use of massage with Reiki, these toxins can be released and available for elimination through clean water hydration for at least 24 hours after the session. 
  • 30 minutes $66

  • 60 minutes $111

Reiki Add Ons:

  • Crystal Healing Therapy $12

  • Chakra Reading $22

  • Focused Body Wrap & Defining Gel $33

  • Facial Wrap w/ cleansing & exfoliating peel $44

  • Healing Attunement $77 *done on case by case basis only*

Specialty forms of Reiki:

  • Prenatal Focused Reiki (15 min) $22

  • Neonatal Reiki $33 (30 min) (Birth-3mo old)

  • Infant Reiki $44 (30 min) (3mo-1yr old)

  • Child Reiki $44 (30 min) (1-12 yr old)

  • Hospice Reiki (all beings) $66 (60 min)

  • Chakra Clearing $44

  • Psychic Attunement $111

  • Reiki for Animals (15 min) $22
  • Reiki for Plants (3-5 min per plant) $12 ea plant


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